Cape Cod Times Opinion: Animal response team offers emergency pet care

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Animal response team offers emergency pet care

Thank you for your great coverage of the recent blizzard, especially of the Cape’s emergency response. Great effort has been put into the development of a regional emergency plan for Cape Cod. However, I was disappointed that you did not mention the involvement of Cape Cod Disaster Animal Response Team, which is an active and important part of this plan.

Over 100 animals — 78 dogs, 34 cats and four birds — were co-sheltered with their owners at all the shelters. The CCDART volunteers provided a safe and comfortable environment for all these animals where their owners could both visit and provide care. For those who were too infirm to come to the animal shelter area, we provided their animals’ care.

One of CCDART’s main missions is to provide this service so that people, especially the elderly, might be more willing to come to shelters knowing that their animals are nearby and accessible as opposed to refusing to leave their cold houses without their pets.

Jane Ferguson

West Barnstable




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